How can Keno appeal to young people better?

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Young keno playersOnline keno, similar to online bingo, is one of those casino games that just can’t seem to break away from its stereotype as a game for older players. Despite being a great game with the potential to create some huge wins, keno doesn’t offer much in the way of innovative software or engaging graphics, the aspects that younger players have come to expect from online gaming.

While keno developers are always coming up with new features, we’ve come up with some of our own ideas of ways that keno could potentially appeal to younger people.

Inclusion of bonus games

One of the things younger players love about casino games like the pokies is that they come with all kinds of exciting bonus features like built in mini games. These bonus games add an extra element of excitement to game play, not only breaking things up a bit for players but also allowing game developers to extend on traditional play with inspiration from arcade style video games.

We reckon that if even something as simple as the traditional gamble feature that’s often found in the pokies was added to keno, younger players might be more inclined to play. A bonus game that was triggered upon a keno win could give players the option of multiplying their winnings by guessing the suit or colour of a card, or guessing which box a bonus prize was hidden under, etc, could really add some appeal, not just to younger players but to all online punters.

More advanced graphics and animation

While we love online keno, even we can admit that the random number generator (RNG) games don’t exactly go the extra mile when it comes to animation and graphics. While flashier effects aren’t necessary to execute an effective keno game, it could really come in handy to attract younger players who have grown up in the age of Xbox, Wii and PlayStation and therefore come to expect their games with larger than life visuals and special effects.

Perhaps creating themed keno games would give developers the chance to really show off their animation skills, adding more eye-catching graphics and engaging storylines in a similar vein to online pokies. Rather than the winning numbers just coming out of the keno bubble, themed games could see the numbers emerging in more innovative ways to keep pace with the tastes of younger players.

There could even be keno games adapted from TV shows and movies (similar to popular pokies like Game of Thrones, Bridesmaids and Jurassic Park) that simply use pop culture imagery to attract a younger generation.

Adding live dealer keno to land based venues

If you look around your local pub it’s the older players who tend to be playing keno while the younger crowd are more likely to be huddled around a game of Buck Hunter in the corner. Given the younger generations penchant for high-tech games with fancy bells and whistles, perhaps the inclusion of live dealer keno at land based venues could provide younger people with an exciting preview of what online keno is capable of.

We don’t exactly know how this would work logistically, all we do know is that there aren’t many young men who wouldn’t enjoy the thrill of playing keno for real money as hosted by a glamorous, attractive young woman like in Ezugi’s live dealer keno games at G’day Casino.

Free keno games

Younger people are always on the lookout for the best deal, so maybe if online casinos changed things up a bit by offering a couple of free keno games to new players as part of a welcome package it would give younger players an incentive to try keno for themselves. This would diminish the fear of the unknown and encourage young people to try something different.

As keno lovers, we know that all it takes is a couple of satisfying wins to appreciate keno for the exciting game of chance that it is. Free keno games could give younger players a preview of just how fun and lucrative real money keno can be.

Adding popular music

How about adding songs by popular musicians to the background of online keno games? The younger generation is all about music and if they could listen to awesome tunes instead of computerised background music it could be enough to draw them in to play a few round of keno and see if they like it.

Obviously, these are all just ideas conjured up by our enthusiastic imaginations but we look forward to seeing what tactics are put into place by gaming developers in the future in order for keno to appeal better to young people.