Australian ‘Keno King’ claims $50,000 keno win

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A lucky resident, from Queensland, Australia recently had a stroke of fortune at Club Macleay.

Became quite the sensation as the Keno King after winning an impressive $50,000.

The winner prefers to remain anonymous.

Expressed their astonishment upon discovering the prize.”I was completely taken aback ” they shared.

“Even though I’ve been playing keno for years I never imagined winning such an amount.”

The crowned Keno King plans to use the winnings to pay off their mortgage and treat their family to a deserved vacation.

Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude they stated, “This is truly life changing for me.”

The manager at Club Macleay couldn’t contain his excitement about having a Keno King among their valued patrons, “We are absolutely thrilled for him!

“He has been a loyal keno customer.

“This win couldn’t have happened to a person.”

This recent triumph by the Keno King adds to Club Macleay’s growing list of wins.

Over the months many players have experienced substantial victories while playing keno at this popular gaming and entertainment venue located on Macleay Island.

If you can’t make it to Club Macleay, check out our online keno sites for easy options.

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