Worst keno strategies

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Keno is a game of luck. There is no steadfast winning strategy that can guarantee you that you will be a millionaire at the end of a keno session. Having said that there are smarter ways of playing that can better your chances in keno. Many players think because keno is a luck-based casino game there is no way to play keno wrong, however there are errors and rookie mistakes that can harm your chances in coming out on top. In our opinion these are the worst keno strategies you can employ, follow these losing strategies and you’re sure to lose money as well.

My Keno numbers will come up eventually

Play the same numbers until you hit a win, they’ll come up eventually. Some punters will argue that because keno is totally random, mathematically your numbers will have to be drawn eventually. The thing with keno is that there are so many combinations of numbers that can be drawn. Getting your all of your specific eight numbers drawn out of a possible 80 numbers is highly unlikely, if you continue to bet the same eight numbers until you hit a substantial win it’s most likely you would have already lost an exorbitant amount of money.

The strategy of betting on the same outcome until you get a win works better in casino games where there are less possible outcomes, for example continuing to bet on red in roulette until you get a win. There is nothing wrong with betting on the same numbers in keno, this strategy only turns into a mistake if you are losing more money than you are comfortable losing because you have too much faith in this misguided strategy. Don’t continue to bet on the same numbers until they come up if you’ve already lost the amount of money you had allocated to lose for that keno session as there’s no guarantee your numbers will eventually and you could be stuck losing money endlessly.

Betting big can help your chances of a big jackpot

If you can afford to do so there is nothing wrong with betting the highest possible amount on a game of keno. However if the choice is between spending all your keno money on the one game or lowering your bets and playing multiple rounds of keno then you’re better off doing the latter.

There are multiple advantages to betting less and playing longer. For one you get to have fun playing for a longer amount of time for the same amount of money. Whenever you head to an online or offline casino you shouldn’t think of it as a way to make money and should be prepared to lose any money you spend, as you may not get it back. With this attitude, you want to get the maximum time of enjoyment in return for the money you spend playing keno. In addition to this you’re more likely to make more money back by playing more games as there’s more chance your numbers will be drawn over time, rather than relying on them to be picked in the one game.

Only play land-based live keno, rather than Online

Some people are distrustful of the random number generators that Web casino games rely on, however you’ll actually always get better odds playing online than offline. This isn’t just true with keno, but with many casino games.

Online casinos always have more generous payout rates and better odds than any brick-and-mortar casino will. If you’re a regular keno players who is planning on playing long term it’s definitely worth your while to switch to playing keno at a reputable virtual casino, you’ll see the monetary benefits of doing so in the long run.

In addition to playing online it’s also worth checking out which online games have the best payout rates, as keno payout schemes will vary from game to game. The great thing about playing on the Internet is that you can check out and evaluate the payout schemes of lots of keno variants in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own home. On the Web you have access to the keno games with the very best payout schemes so make sure that you find them.

Always bet on successive pairs

This strategy is referring to betting on numbers that come directly after one another, for example betting on 24 and 25 or 18 and 19. There is no proof that this strategy would work. Keno is totally random and there is no strategy of being able to correctly predict what numbers will be drawn. Having said that there isn’t any harm in indulging in nonsensical strategies like this, keno is a random game so successive pairs could be drawn. The danger of these strategies is if you rely on them too heavily and bet more than you are comfortable losing because you believe in them so much. If you have an illogical method of choosing your numbers in keno that’s absolutely fine, just don’t think of them as fail proof.

Selecting the maximum amount of numbers

This one tricks a lot of players because in a lot of casino games it does help you to maximise your bets, for example in slots games you definitely better your chances by playing all of the bet lines and sometimes you can only access certain jackpots by maximising your bets.

However this isn’t the same in keno. If you select around three quarters of the maximum numbers that you’re allowed to select in keno you’ll give yourself the best odds. For example if you are allowed to choose up to 10 numbers in a keno game many experienced players will only select six, seven or eight numbers as this gives you an achievable and rewarding payout scheme.

If you select 10 numbers and all numbers are drawn you’ll receive a massive payout but the chances of this happening are miniscule however getting six out of six has a higher likelihood. Plus when you select only six number you will receive some payout if even only one of your numbers is drawn, but if you select ten numbers you most likely won’t receive any payout if only one number is drawn. For this reason it’s a risky move to select the maximum number of numbers in keno and it’s more expensive to play this way too.

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