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So you’ve found a pencil that isn’t broken at your local pub or you’ve given up on that frustrating process and turned to online or mobile keno. Nevertheless, you’re ready to play but you need some techniques to make sure you have a great keno system.

Despite keno being a game of chance, there are some tips that could improve your results and we have compiled a list of such techniques so you can create your own keno system. For best results, try out your systems at one of our recommended websites.

Land-based Keno vs Online Keno

To increase your chance of winning, it’s a good idea to play keno online rather than playing at your local pub. Despite the obvious problem of having to wear pants at a land-based casino, a pub, or a RSL, the house edge is anywhere between 20 and 35 per cent there.

Online offers a better house edge, with Emu Casino offering multiple keno variants, with a house edge under 10 percent. The games have a wide variety of themes and vary in rules to keep things interesting.

Understand The Keno Lingo

If you want to walk the walk, learn to talk the talk. To have a good system in keno means you need to understand the lingo. In keno, odds are expressed as ‘for one’ rather than ‘to one’ which means that you will be getting your money back if it is listed as ‘1’ rather than it paying even money, as it does in other online casino games like blackjack and baccarat. Similar formatting exists in pokies and video poker, so if you’ve played those before you’ll be fluent in keno lingo.

Additionally, it is important to understand while those shiny figures sprawl across the screen scream jackpot, it is about as common to hit it as a clock is in a casino. To hit a jackpot with ten numbers will only occur one in 8.9 million times, while matching 15 spots out of 15 is even more absurd with the odds one in 428 billion. But if you have broken a mirror and it hasn’t been seven years yet, there are still large prizes for coming close to matching all the numbers.

Progressively Increase Your Odds

This is probably your greatest chance to increase your odds of winning. Progressive jackpots grow and grow until they cannot grow anymore – well, until someone wins it. Guts Casino has a progressive jackpot keno game called Bonus Keno and if you keep an eye on just how big that jackpot gets, you may have a chance to cut down the house edge immensely.

The progressive jackpot at Guts increases, like other progressive jackpots, every time someone plays the game. The more people play, the larger the jackpot grows, and to win all you have to do is reveal the jackpot symbol which is 10 boxes in the shape of J. The amount of the jackpot you win is determined by how much you bet – obviously the higher you bet, the more you will win.

Don’t be a Sucker to a Scam

Like all things in life, everyone wants to take the easy way out. Some people out there have decided to prey on this vulnerability and sell systems which claim to beat keno. Through the use of the persuasive word, many will fall for these scams, but at the end of the day keno is a game of chance and it is incredibly crucial you understand there is no such thing as a “guaranteed win keno system”. Keno is a game based on luck and random chance, so these systems won’t guarantee you’ll win.

Even if you read all the testimonials on their sites claiming player have won millions, do not fall for this. They are all fakes and only have the intention of taking your money.

Apply the Reduced Keno System for Multi-Card Games

The reduced Keno system is a basic keno system which could be the best system for you to go with when playing multi-card keno games. The idea is you select more numbers than your target number and then mathematically reduce them in order to reach your target number. Confused?

Your target number is the amount of numbers you want to bet on in one game (round). Your target can be anything from a spot-one to a spot-15; you choose what size spot you will bet on in the game of keno. Let’s go with six target numbers and we’ll play with three keno cards.

Now pick a set of those numbers to play across multiple tickets, but only using four total number on each card. For example, say you pick these six numbers: 11, 27, 35, 51, 52 and 77. You would use different combinations of a few of these numbers across the tickets you wish to play. Your tickets could thus end up looking something like this, if you use the above numbers:

Ticket 1: 11, 27, 51, 52
Ticket 2: 11, 35, 51, 77
Ticket 3: 27, 35, 51, 77

If you hit a strong combination of these numbers, the payout is set to be large. If you pay $1 per keno game, you will have outlaid $3 for the above three tickets. While the chances of all six of your originally selected numbers being drawn is astronomical, but if you hit a combination of say three numbers, you can collect a neat return.

The same strategy can be applied with a larger target number and more keno cards being purchased, and by doing so, a wider spread of numbers will increase the chances of you matching your numbers with those drawn at random. Keep four-six numbers on each card, though, and make sure each number you’ve chosen appears at least twice across all cards.

Don’t Settle Until You Have The Best

There are plenty of online casinos that offer great keno, especially our recommended online casinos, but be sure to check out each paytable/payscale, because one might be offering better odds than another. At just the one casino there are often multiple keno games with different payouts and odds. Always have a look around and don’t settle until you have the best. This will ensure you will find your best keno system and also that you get the most out of your keno experience.

We recommend the following online keno sites:

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