Credit card Keno sites

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Playing keno online can be a lot faster than playing it at a land-based venue, so naturally we want a payment method that can keep up with our speedy gameplay pace.

Credit cards are one option that allow us to deposit quickly and get playing almost immediately. This means they are a popular choice and are accepted widely at online casinos. Therefore, we need to figure out where we should play keno for real money, using our credit card as the funding method, as playing at any old site could see our funds stolen.

We have the best sites to play at, a step-by-step guide to make a deposit, and all the fine print you wouldn’t normally read right here to make the whole process even speedier.

About credit card keno deposits

With keno available online we are now able to play as fast, or as slow, as we would like and not rely on the TV screen at our local pub to determine the time of each game. With this, we need a quick payment option to make playing online worthwhile.

Credit cards allow players to pay and play as quickly as, if not quicker than, they would at land-based venues meaning the whole process is quick and convenient.

Credit card Keno sites for Australians

Eligible credit card casinos that offer the best keno titles, a secure environment for transactions, and amazing welcome bonuses, include;

Each site offers the latest data encryption technology so that when you enter your credit card details you aren’t subjected to hackers getting your information, which we explain in detail below.

How to deposit cash for online keno play using credit

Credit cards are the fastest method to use when making deposits as even if you don’t have the funds the transaction will go through. We only recommend this to players who can afford to pay any debt back, such as those with an incoming pay check as using money you don’t have isn’t responsible.

Follow our handy step-by-step guide to make a deposit and get playing keno instantaneously:

  1. Sign up, or log into your preferred online casino from the list above
  2. Head to the cashier page and opt for the credit card deposit option
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and press next
  4. Enter your card details, including name on card, the card number, the expiry date, and the CVC (three digit code on the back of your card)
  5. Confirm the transaction and provided your details are correct your funds will appear immediately

You can also opt to store your card with the online casino, which will make the next deposit even faster as you will only have to enter the three digit security code on the back and your account password.

We only recommend doing this at any of the aforementioned online casinos, as they are secure and your card details are safe on their servers.

Credit card types for keno deposits

There are quite a few credit card options for keno players to utilise, including:

  • MasterCard – a globally recognised credit card
  • Visa – known worldwide for its stellar service
  • Maestro – reputable branch of MasterCard
  • JCB – Japan’s only international credit card brand
  • American Express – American multinational service

MasterCard and Visa are generally the most popular options and are both accepted at all the aforementioned online casinos, while you may be able to use the others listed here too.

Online casinos, specifically the one’s we have listed, don’t incur fees for using credit cards at their site, but your financial institution that has issued one of the aforementioned brands may charge you, so be sure to read the policy – this can be found on their website.

Processing times and security

As mentioned above, the processing time for making a deposit with credit cards is basically instantaneous. Provided you have entered all the correct information, your funds will be credited to your account immediately and then charged to your card within 24 hours.

Withdrawals using a credit card can be a bit more of a lengthy process, generally taking around 48 to 72 hours, not including any extra pending time applied by the online casino so players can make a reverse withdrawal.

Additionally, the most important feature to depositing and withdrawing in order to play real money keno online is security. Each online casino as we mentioned earlier offers state-of-the-art technology to protect you from fraud, something that occurs at unregulated online casinos, and are also verified by third party organisations so they won’t just up and disappear with your funds, which rogue Internet casinos are notorious for.