Most common hot numbers in keno

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This article will look at some of the most common hot numbers in keno and the superstitions regarding what makes a number lucky. It might not help you win the next keno jackpot, but there’s no harm in believing a particular number holds more luck than others, and having a lucky number can even add to the fun of a game.

Keno is a numbers game all about luck – whether or not you can correctly predict which numbers are drawn is really up to fate, although it doesn’t stop some superstitious punters believing some numbers hold more chance of appearing than others.

Keno number rituals

Many players select their keno picks based on what we call number rituals – numbers associated with special dates like birthdays, ages or anniversaries. Obviously, there is no logistical reason why the number of your house or the age of your first born holds a higher chance than any other of being drawn, but it definitely makes it easier to remember your keno picks.

There is also something additionally fulfilling about winning in keno based on ritual picks – just imagine how thrilled your partner would be to know picking their birthdate resulted in a financial gain for you.

Superstitious lucky numbers

Like ritual numbers, many players have numbers they’re superstitious about, either based on mythology or on personal belief. It could be a number once brought you particularly good luck so you choose to stick with this when making your keno picks, or superstition deems a number to be unlucky so you avoid it like the plague.

The best example is the number 13, a number which Westerners have long deemed to bring bad luck based on a list of ridiculous superstitions and as a result many keno players stay clear of it.

On the contrary, the number seven is considered to be the world’s luckiest number, favoured by people all over the world – hence the term “lucky seven” and the reason why you’ll often see the number seven used in pokie machines. There are no significant reasons why seven is so revered, but it may have roots to the ancient Hebrew association between the number seven and perfection.

Chinese lucky numbers

There are some deep seeded superstitions which lie within Chinese numerology, which remain widely believed today, not just by the Chinese but by hopeful Westerners. Here are some of the lucky numbers according to Chinese numerology, which account for some of the most frequently chosen keno and lottery numbers:

Common lucky Chinese numbers in kenoThe number eight – in Chinese culture, there is no number considered luckier than the number eight. Being homophonous with the Cantonese word for wealth and prosperity, eight is believed to bring great luck when it comes to money, with the belief strengthened by the fact the number eight resembles the symbol for infinity. The number eight is considered so auspicious you’ll often find it used to bring good luck in Chinese culture – for example the Beijing Olympics was held on the 8/08/08 at 8:08:08PM, and in 2003 a telephone number consisting of only number eights sold for US$280,000.

The number nine – nine is one of the only odd numbers considered to be lucky in Chinese numberology, thanks to being homophonous with the Chinese word meaning “long lasting.” The number nine is often used as a symbol for harmony, and is considered fortunate due its links in history to the Emperor of China.

The number two – the Chinese like the belief that “good things come in pairs” and hence the number two is often deemed to carry good luck.

The number six – six is often associated with good business deals in China, as it is pronounced similar to the word for “flow” which also sounds like “luck.” Due to its preference with businessmen, many keno players believe the number six to bring good fortune.

The truth behind lucky numbers

Hopeful punters will always try to find a pattern or algorithm to determine which lucky numbers will be drawn in keno, but the truth is if there was realistically a way of correctly predicting hot numbers, everyone would be winning keno jackpots all over the place. In keno it all comes down to luck, pure and simple, and no matter how many times the data might tell you a particular number has a higher chance of appearing than another, every number has a one in 80 chance of being drawn.

Before you play keno for real money, it’s important to realise there are no strategies which will help you win, so don’t get too caught up in how to pick your winning numbers. You can try online keno for free at our recommended casinos, which is a great way to see for yourself just how random and unpredictable keno draws can be.

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