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Kenoland is the latest product from online lottery provider, Lottoland, launching at the site at the start of 2018 in what is set to be Lottoland’s “latest and greatest product.” We explain what Kenoland is, how to bet with Kenoland online and how to sign up for an account with Lottoland to use this hot new keno product for real money bets.


What is Kenoland?

Kenoland is an online keno game that’s drawn every four minutes, with up to $10 million up for grabs in each draw. It works just like a traditional keno game where players pick lucky numbers in the hopes that those numbers are drawn from the pit to become winners – the only difference is that Kenoland is entirely online so you don’t need to visit a convenience store, news agency or lottery retailer to make your picks and place your wagers.

This game differs from Lottoland’s other keno product, Keno 24/7, in that players can watch the results of the draw being picked in real time directly over their Web browser. This is particularly beneficial for those who are sceptical about random number generated keno draws, as you get to watch the game host pick the winning numbers at random before your very eyes.

What is Lottoland?

Lottoland is an online lotto betting site that allows gamblers to bet on the outcome of different lottery and keno draws rather than hold tickets to the actual draws. The experience and the amount of money that can be won is the same as buying tickets to official lottery draws, but punters get access to a wider selection of global lotteries and can place bets online from the comfort of home. Read more about Lottoland and how lottery betting works here.

Where do Kenoland results come from?

The results of Kenoland are taken from the Quick Draw in New York Keno. When buying Kenoland tickets, you are not entering the official New York Keno draw, but the results of this draw are used to determine Kenoland winners. If the numbers you pick match the numbers from the New York Keno draw, Lottoland will pay you out as though you had entered the official draw.

How to bet on Kenoland games

Kenoland is available exclusively at Lottoland. To bet with LottoLand, you need to sign up for an account, which is free to do and will only take a couple of minutes to register.

Kenoland at

Bet with Kenoland:

  • Pick up to 10 numbers from 1-80 for each keno ticket you purchase. You can choose your numbers individually or have the system do it for you with the ‘Quickpicks’ option
  • Choose how many keno draws you want to enter and how much you want to bet per draw
  • Choose whether to add a Heads or Tails side bet to your ticket
  • Continue through to the checkout to pay for your transaction, with Lottoland accepting secure payments using Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi and Paysafecard.

    If you want to watch the winning numbers be drawn, just select the ‘Watch Draw’ button to see the results of the current draw. Watching the draw is optional, as any wins you make will be automatically credited to your Lottoland account.

    Heads or Tails side bet

    Like many modern keno games, Kenoland offers punters the option of placing a side bet to further add to the excitement and increase your chances of winning. Placing an additional wager on the Heads or Tails side bet in Kenoland means you are betting on whether the winning numbers will mostly appear in the first half of the grid, the second half of the grid, or will be evenly split across the whole grid. Here’s how the Head or Tails bet works:

    • Heads – A bet that most winning numbers will be on the left-hand side of the Kenoland grid (1-40), with wins paying 2X the size of your bet.
    • Evens – A bet that most winning numbers will be split evenly between the two sides of the Kenoland grid, with wins paying 4X the size of your bet
    • Tails – A bet that most winning numbers will be on the right-hand side of the Kenoland grid (41-80), with wins paying 2X the size of your bet

    Kenoland mobile bets

    Kenoland is available to play on Lottoland’s mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android users. Play real money keno games on the go from anywhere you can secure an Internet connection, and enjoy the satisfaction of watching the results be drawn before your eyes.