Best NZ keno sites for 2018

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Online casinos have been quick to realise that keno is an extremely popular game worldwide due to the straightforward nature behind keno’s gameplay. Hence, they have been quick to snap up keno titles by innovative software providers which New Zealand players can access whenever and wherever they like.

How to play online keno from New Zealand

Playing keno online can be quite similar to playing at a pub or RSL, but it can also be a lot easier. There are no irritating forms to fill out, no waiting around for the bartender to scan the ticket, and even the chance to play anytime, anywhere.

Keno is quite a simple game to learn, and now you don’t have to head down to a land-based venue to play. All you need to do is sign up to a keno online casino, which doesn’t take long to do, and pick the keno title you prefer. There are variants, including unique progressives, and fun bonus games; however, the traditional titles are still available too.

Before you enter the keno interface, you will need to ensure you have made a deposit if you plan on playing with real NZD. Depositing is easy and we have listed the many methods available at our recommended online keno casinos below.

Best online Keno

Standard titles of keno available online are quite simplistic. They feature a rectangle box with generally the numbers from 1-80, or spots, a payout table, the ability to change how much you are putting on; a quick pick button, to choose the numbers for you; a clear button to remove all the numbers and start again; and a play button, to click on when you are ready to see if your numbers win. These standard titles can be found at the following recommended online casinos which offer strong security when depositing online.

Exciting variants such as a progressive keno variant, Bonus Keno; a 40 ball keno game which doubles your money, Klub Keno; and a bonus game with multiple balls, Krazy Keno, and at least one title can be found at these online casinos.

For a mobile keno variant for either your smartphone or tablet, a standard keno title is available which is mobile compatible. You will find this title at Thrills casino.

Perhaps the most exciting keno variant however, is found at G’day online casino. It offers a number of keno titles, however it also offers live dealer keno, which is not widely available online in terms of keno. Live dealer keno is a unique experience in comparison to playing at the pub or club, because even those venues lack a human dealer.

You will need to sign up and make a deposit prior to playing but once you enter and pick the live dealer keno game, a human croupier -attractive at that- is streamed directly to your screen. She will yell out the numbers as the balls are spun around a barrel similar to lottery balls being drawn. If any of your numbers match you will be paid your winnings.

All keno titles are available to New Zealand players who can play with real NZD dollars.

Deposit options at online keno websites

Depositing at the above online casinos in order to play keno is easy and safe. Firstly, all Internet gaming establishments are audited by an independent organisation which evaluates how fair the online operators are. They are reviewed regularly and all games are evaluated to ensure players aren’t being ripped off. One organisation which is prominent amongst our suggested online casinos includes eCOGRA, which constantly update their regulations to keep up with the ever changing gaming industry.

Secondly, reputable online casinos like the ones we suggest playing keno at use data encryption technology to ensure all of your transactions made with real NZD are protected, while also ensuring your personal information doesn’t run off to Switzerland.

Thirdly, the abundance of payment options to deposit are sure to make playing keno online a lot easier. The following methods are available at our recommended online casinos and even offer their own layer of protection for that added peace of mind.

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets
  • Pre-paid services

Always check up on the Internet casino you have chosen to play keno at to ensure you are playing at a reputable online gaming establishment so you get an enjoyable kiwi keno experience.

How to play online keno

We have chosen the standard keno title to learn how to play as it is best to start out with with the classic game and then play the variants once the rules are understood. Once you have entered the keno interface, choose how many numbers you want to play and click on each number, or spot, you have chosen. You will notice the pay table somewhere on the screen which will tell you how much you will get back. This is important as you will notice the number changes with the more numbers you pick.

There are generally 80 spots in all games, however this may vary depending on the variant. Usually 20 numbers are called out and players can pick from one number right up to 20 numbers, however this too is dependant on the game chosen as well as the internet casino you have chosen to play at. It is recommended not to pick the maximum numbers as your odds of matching all of the spots are ridiculously high.

Additionally, it is also recommended to pick more than two numbers to win any money at all. Once again, how many spots you pick will also ultimately affect the payable so be sure to keep an eye on this. Once you have picked all of your numbers click on play and the numbers or balls will be revealed. Your spots will change colour if they match and you will be paid any winnings.

You do not have to wait for the games as you do at a land-based venue, and you can ultimately decide how quick or how slow the pace of the game is.

Is online Keno legal in New Zealand?

Kiwis can play Keno online with real NZD money legally provided the online casino is located in International waters, where it is legal to operate an Internet gaming establishment. New Zealand’s legislation surrounding online gambling is very similar to Australia’s in that it is illegal to operate an online casino in the country, but it is still legal to play online. Therefore, we recommend playing at our suggested online casinos as they are all located overseas, but still monitored and regulated by organisations which ensure security and safety in association to online gambling, so Kiwi’s can play keno freely, safely, and of course legally.

Tips & strategy for playing online Keno

It can be incredibly difficult to locate sound keno advice when it comes to playing with real NZD, so we have decided to compile some tips and strategies when playing. While they may or may not work for you, the best advice is to have fun and gamble responsibly.

1. Keno is pure luck Since online keno uses random number generators (RNGs), which are designed to reveal a sequence of numbers that do not have any pattern, players should not bother keeping track of how the numbers are coming out as the numbers are completely random. Therefore, it is completely pointless for New Zealand players to strategise in terms of number patterns.

2. Start small If you are just starting out with keno it is best to get the hang of the game and only bet small amounts. This will allow you to play for longer because if you bet a huge amount and lose, you may not have enough to play again.

3. Pairs It has been suggested that pairs have a better chance of being called out and that it is more likely that adjacent numbers will come up in one round. However once again, the game is based on luck so this isn’t a sure thing.

4. Stick to the same set of numbers Another tip from keno professionals is to stick to one set of numbers with the idea they eventually will be called out.

5. Know your limits The best tip when playing any online casino game is to know your limits. It is always a good idea to write down how much is your maximum when gambling real money and stick to it, even if you ‘feel’ you could win it back. Always know when to stop playing because that can ruin your online keno experience entirely.

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