Online keno

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Online keno offers players stronger odds and more betting options than you would find in your local pubs and clubs, and Australians aged 18 years and older are privy to a diverse range of keno games hosted across several reputable and licensed gaming platforms.

Simple and exciting, keno has long been a favourite Australian punting game, and Internet casinos have cottoned on to the fact that Aussies enjoy some keno fun, adapting the game perfectly to suit the interactive format.

Best online casinos to play keno for AU money

The best online and mobile keno sites accepting Aussie players to play real money keno games are recommended in our table above. All of these keno sites are fully licensed and regulated, and all Australians aged 18 years and older can legally play the available keno games for real cash.

Each gaming website hosts several distinct keno titles, each slightly different from the other, with many of the keno titles also optimised for the mobile and tablet platforms, not just desktop and laptop. Register an account free of charge with any of our recommended Internet keno sites, make a secure AUD deposit via any of the several globally trusted banking methods (and receive your new player matched deposit cash bonus if available), and browse through, play and start winning cash with the assortment of interactive keno games.

The basics of online keno gaming

Keno is extremely simple to play and learn, especially online, where you can practice with demo money for free. Players first select how much they wish to wager for the round. Minimum wagers per round can start as low as $0.01 and reach as high as $100.00. Players can pick between one and 15 numbers (inclusive) for the round, from the numbers ranging from one through to 80 (some games allow players to choose up to 20 numbers in total).

All keno games own a pay table which will vary from game to game. The pay table will adjust itself according to how many numbers the player wishes to choose. 20 numbers are randomly drawn for each round, and if any of the randomly drawn numbers match the numbers the player has selected, that is called a ‘catch’. After the conclusion of each round, the players’ winnings are totalled based on how many ‘catches’ they made.

Here is an example of one common online keno pay table which boasts a theoretical return to the player of 94.4 per cent (or a house edge of 5.6 per cent) when 15 numbers are selected:

  • 0 catches: wager x 0
  • 1 catch: wager x 0
  • 2 catches: wager x 0
  • 3 catches: wager x 0.5
  • 4 catches: wager x 0.5
  • 5 catches: wager x 1
  • 6 catches: wager x 2
  • 7 catches: wager x 5
  • 8 catches: wager x 15
  • 9 catches: wager x 50
  • 10 catches: wager x 150
  • 11 catches: wager x 300
  • 12 catches: wager x 600
  • 13 catches: wager x 1,200
  • 14 catches: wager x 2,500
  • 15 catches: wager x 10,000

So if you were to bet $20.00 for the round and select 15 numbers, and from the random 20 numbers drawn, you matched (‘caught’) nine, you would be paid out a handsome $20.00 x 50 = $1,000.00.

Using the same pay table, if you only selected a total of five numbers, the pay outs would adjust accordingly, to resemble this:

  • 0 catches: wager x 0
  • 1 catch: wager x 0.5
  • 2 catches: wager x 1
  • 3 catches: wager x 3
  • 4 catches: wager x 15
  • 5 catches: wager x 50

The theoretical return to the player decreases ever so slightly when selecting less numbers, but will remain within a two percent variation (unless you only select one number, in which case the return will almost always drop below 90 per cent).

Here are some of the most prominent keno games across our endorsed online and mobile casino sites include:

  • Keno (by 1×2 Gaming)
  • Jackpot Keno (by 1×2 Gaming)
  • Kenotronic (by 1×2 Gaming)
  • Keno Kick Off (by 1×2 Gaming)
  • Keno Lab (by 1×2 Gaming)
  • Keno (by Microgaming)
  • Money Keno (by Microgaming)
  • 3 Wishes Keno (by NeoGames)
  • Disco Keno (by NeoGames)
  • Standard Keno (by NeoGames)
  • Keno Blast (by NeoGames)
  • Keno Deluxe (by NeoGames)
  • Video Keno (by Multislot)

Online cash bonuses: Keno is one game, like pokies, that online casinos credit your bonus cash with a 100 per cent turnover – if you have $50 bonus cash in your account with a wagering requirement of x40, every keno dollar spent will contribute at 100 per cent to that wagering requirement.

Land based keno vs Internet keno

Within the land based gaming environment, keno can own a house edge that reaches up to as high as 25 per cent (a theoretical return to the player of only 75 per cent). Online and mobile interactive gaming sites have little to no overheads to worry about and offer a far wider variety of keno and other games than any land based gambling venue (such as a casino, a TAB, a pub or a club).

The convenience to enjoy real cash gaming via the Internet is also far superior than trekking to a land based venue to get your fix of keno. Thus, we encourage keen punters to use their money wisely with regulated and licensed online gaming operators who provide high quality services and products. Our top-rated keno sites for Australian players include Planet Lottery and Lottoland.

Online and mobile keno at our promoted casino sites is available directly via your Web browser – that is, no installations or downloads are required (what is known commonly as ‘instant play gaming’). Loading times are fast and the graphics, visuals and audio use the latest and most advanced browser-based technology.